Choosing A Billing Company

23 RCM questions you should ask when reviewing a medical billing company

1. Do they provide a summary of your current ‘Accounts Receivable’?.

2. Do they offer ‘Denial Management’ on your existing claims?

3. Can they keep track of and make analysis of your ‘Rejected Claims’?

4. Can they offer a ‘Code Analysis’ based on your existing medical practice’s history?

5. How good are they at ‘Contract Analysis’?

6. Can the billing company add value to your business with their ‘Fee Scheduling’ knowledge? 

7. Do they have ‘Certified’ coders taking care of your coding needs?

8. Do they utilize ‘Specialty Specific Coders’? 

9. Do they offer ‘EMR Specific Billers?

10. Will they offer ‘Patient Eligibility Verification’ services?

11. Are they having separate teams for handling claims, rejections and denials?

12. How transparent are their reports?

13. Is the medical billing company offering any dedicated revenue reporting app/platform for the organizations to keep track of their revenue whenever needed? 

14. Can they offer benchmarking services to track your doctors’ productivity levels with other doctors in the area?

15. Do they offer patient billing services? 

16. Are they engaging ‘Insurance Specific Calling Teams’?

17. Is the billing company ‘HIPAA Compliant’?

18. Are their teams well-versed at mapping codes from ICD9 to ICD10? 

19. Will they be providing ‘RVU Analysis’ specific to your healthcare organization?

20. Do they offer ‘Contract Negotiation’ services to maximize your revenue?

21. Would they assist the medical practice in ‘Credentialing’ with a specific insurance company?

22. Do they schedule weekly/monthly governance meeting

23. Are they having teams who can manage ‘Patient Support’ and ‘Patient Portal’ to assist you with patient management?